Cloud platform designed for Fashion Enterprises to manage the entire business by connecting applications, data, and people.

All-in-one cloud platform solution for fashion companies.

Full Fashion management platform offering all tools to create, develop, and track product information from concept to production: Line planning, material and style libraries, product costing, Bill of material, and tech packs. Integrates to SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud Edition in Master and transactional data.

Enhanced product data management (PDM)

Product development teams can create styles, raw materials, range plans, Tech packs, samples including data gathering, picture and documents storage, and analysis, along with features that secure valuable and sensitive data.
Product Data management features also make it easier for executives and managers.

Use workflows to track product development and lifecycle.

Model business processes for product development, engineering to manufacturing. Record all activities in the calendar and share with all users involved, from designers, pattern makers and suppliers.

Typical firms already using this solution

Look is targeted to retail, wholesale, or manufacturing fashion enterprises, depending on the specific industry or market segment (wholesale, retail, or manufacturing).

Access central information from the Fiori launchpad.

Look allows selecting apps as building blocks of the user journey. From style, Tech packs, critical path tracking, sales, and purchase orders, you can add and mash up to SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud and navigate to apps with a single sign-on.